Dr. Jesse Teng

Adult Orthodontics and You

If the first thing you think about when someone mentions “orthodontics” is an awkward high schooler wearing a headgear in a movie or that it is limited to teen-specific treatment, you aren’t alone. Many people are unaware that orthodontic treatment is available for adults. Even those that know aren’t interested in having a mouth full of metal for years on end. Did you know that adult treatment is commonly done without traditional braces?

Is it Possible?

Yes. New and improved technology means braces work faster. If traditional braces don’t fit your image, consider different types of braces like tooth-colored braces, braces placed behind your teeth, or Invisalign aligners.

What are the Benefits?

Besides getting that perfect smile you’ve always wanted, orthodontic treatment is great for you! Fixing your bite means less wear and tear on your teeth, and proper tooth placement allows for more thorough cleaning and less plaque buildup.

Are There Complications with Adult Orthodontics?

You might worry that getting orthodontic treatment after your teen years poses some risk to your oral health, but rest assured: in general, orthodontic treatment as an adult is safe and usually does not subject you to any more risk. If you have specific concerns, contact your orthodontist to see if orthodontic treatment is right for you.


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