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How Much Do Braces Cost In El Paso?

From an El Paso Orthodontist

Getting braces from an orthodontist is an amazing way to straighten your teeth and give you that perfect smile, for children and adults alike!  With a positive impact on social and professional opportunities, as well as health benefits, orthodontic treatment is a no-brainer.  That being said, an important question that we are always asked is: How much will braces cost?

What Affects the Cost?

Many factors can affect the cost of treatment.  Most of the cost is based on the severity and complexity of the case.  Examples include:

  • Whether the case has mild vs. moderate or severe crowding
  • A surgical case that requires working with another dental specialist (i.e., oral surgeon, periodontist)
  • Bite issues such as crossbites, underbites and overbites (deep, mild, moderate or severe)
  • Extraction vs. non-extraction

Our fees are comprehensive.  This means the fee covers all brackets/aligners/additional appliances, X-rays or scans, repairs during the course of treatment, and fixed and removable retainers at the end of treatment.

Complimentary Consultations

Here at JT Orthodontics, we offer free consultations.  They are approximately one hour long and include x-rays and photos, an examination by Dr. Teng, an estimate of your treatment time, and the fee for your personalized case.  The Treatment Coordinator will present the fee and will work with you to accommodate a down payment and monthly payments that fit your budget.  We also offer 0%/interest-fee, in-house financing.  We even give a discount if you pay in full!  All contracts can be signed at the consultation so that you don’t have to return if you’re prepared to begin treatment with us.  In some instances, we can even start your treatment the same day!  To book your free consultation, click a button below and fill out the form or give us a call.

What’s the Cost?

It’s important to remember that the cost will vary based on many factors.  But what’s the average cost?  The average full braces/aligner case ranges from $5,000-$6,000.  However, it could be less or more expensive depending on the aforementioned elements. To find out the price of your personalized treatment, meet our team, tour the practice, and learn about what orthodontics can do for you, book a free consultation with us today!

Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Here at JT Orthodontics, we charge the same for metal braces and aligners.  Other orthodontic practices will charge more for clear aligners than traditional metal braces.  However, not only are we one of the top Invisalign providers in El Paso, we charge the same for braces and aligners, so that cost is not a factor for your treatment of choice.

Additional Considerations

Amazing orthodontic treatment can have many benefits in the long run, from improved oral health, enhanced functionality, social benefits, prevention of future dental issues, and more.  However, it is important to recognize the emphasis on amazing orthodontic treatment.  It is imperative to choose an orthodontist with experience and credentials, and solely focusing on cost can be dangerous and result in less than satisfactory results.  Going with a board-certified doctor, such as Dr. Teng, is the smarter choice that will bring phenomenal and healthy results.  Furthermore, at our practice, Dr. Teng will be the orthodontist that sees you every time.  Your treatment plan will not change as it may at other offices when you see different orthodontists at every visit.


In conclusion, the cost of braces will vary depending on several factors, including the severity and complexity of the case.  But how much do braces cost? The average cost typically ranges from $5,000 to $6,000. It is important to note that our practice offers free consultations, which include x-rays, photos, and a personalized treatment plan breakdown.  JT Orthodontics charges the same amount for either braces or clear aligners. While cost is a consideration, it is crucial to prioritize the experience and credentials of the orthodontist to ensure amazing and satisfactory results. Choosing a board-certified doctor like Dr. Teng at JT Orthodontics guarantees the expertise needed for phenomenal and healthy outcomes. With free consultations available and flexible financing options, taking the first step towards achieving a perfect smile has never been easier. Book your free consultation online or over the phone today and discover the transformative benefits of orthodontic treatment.

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