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Dr. Jesse Teng

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Scheduling Coordinator

Lisa has been working in the orthodontic field since 2006 and joined our team in 2017.  She enjoys speaking with our patients not only about their orthodontic treatment, but also enjoys getting to know them personally.  As our East office scheduling coordinator, she will be the first to greet you in person and on the phone.  She will coordinate appointments that are best for each patient’s lifestyle and schedule. Lisa shares the same love for orthodontics that her doctors and team display every day. 

When she’s not at work, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband, Mario, their two sons, Marcos and Raymond and their two chihuahuas, Pancho Villa and Bruno.  She loves family activities like bowling, swimming, games and church activities.


Scheduling Coordinator

Stephanie has been in the orthodontic field since 1987, and she is one of the first people our patients meet when they come into the office. As our scheduling coordinator, she greets patients, makes them feel at home, and orchestrates appointments that are best for each patient’s lifestyle and schedule. Stephanie’s favorite part of working in our office is seeing the amazing changes that our patients experience as they progress through orthodontic treatment. She loves meeting new families and seeing the confidence of patients with their new smiles.

Stephanie spends time outside the office with Carlos, her wonderful husband of 28 years and her three children, Nicole, Maria and Carlos Jr. She and her husband, love watching football and basketball and going to the movies. Stephanie also enjoys cooking.


Treatment Coordinator

Pam enjoys interacting with our patients and parents.  She is a very easy going and friendly person who will guide you through initial consultations, coordinates your treatment, answers your questions, and make you feel at home. She started working with Dr. Teng in 2018, but is experienced in the orthodontic field since 2012.

Away from the office, Pam likes to talk, star gaze, bake, perform arts and crafts, and watch movies.  She admits the first thing she notices about someone is their smile!

Pam portrait


Financial Coordinator

Having joined us in 2017, Desiree enjoys getting to know and developing relationships with our patients and their families. She really enjoys meeting new people and working with patients and parents to finds terms and financial options that will work with each person’s budget. She also coordinates insurance claims and payments.  She enoys being part of the team and offering great customer service.

Outside the office, Desiree enjoys spending time with her spouse and three boys.  She also likes watching sports and working out.

Desiree portrait


Lead Orthodontic Assistant

Lulu has been working in the orthodontic field since 2012 and joined our team in 2017. She is passionate about dental health and teeth and loves seeing patients finish treatment with a “Colgate” smile, aka JT Ortho Smile! Working directly with our patients and providing chairside assistance to Dr. Teng during procedures, Lulu is great at connecting with each person in our care. As a lead orthodontic assistant, she is always excited to learn the new methods of advanced treatment with Dr. Teng.

When she’s not at work, Lulu keeps herself busy with extra-curricular activities, sports and family time.

Lulu portrait


Lead Orthodontic Assistant

Mayra joined the team in 2017 after starting in the orthodontic field in 2012. She loves to see the amazing changes to our patients’ smiles, knowing it’s a testament to the level of gentle, professional care we deliver to each person. Mayra is a lead chairside assistant who helps Dr. Teng with orthodontic procedures and is always focuses on the patient’s comfort. She’s always smiling and laughing, and keeps our patients relaxed.

Mayra enjoys spending time at home with her two amazing daughters and her dog. Sunday is her favorite family day.

Mayra portrait


Orthodontic Assistant

Ana joined our team in 2017 and started working in the dental field in 2012. She is a chairside assistant who helps Dr. Teng with orthodontic procedures. Ana enjoys meeting new patients and sharing their excitement as they start their journey to a beautiful smile. She looks forward to sharing her day with patients and our team with her upbeat personality.

Outside of the office, Ana is part of a tennis team with the USTA and a PTA Board member.  She enjoys spending time with her two daughters and continuing her education.

Ana portrait


Lab Technician

Leslie has been part of our team since 2016, but started working with Dr. Teng in 2011. Her favorite part of working in our practice is helping our patients feel comfortable and excited about their smiles. Along with the rest of the team, Leslie smiles and laughs with our patients and shares in their happiness. Working in our lab, Leslie enjoys fabricating custom fit appliances and retainers. She also handles pre- and post-treatment records, digital X-rays, scans, and photos.

Leslie loves music in all forms and genres. Her hobbies include playing drums and she is learning to DJ as well. She spends most of her free time with her significant other and their 3 daughters. She enjoys going to the movies and engaging in activities with their children.

Leslie portrait


Orthodontic Assistant

Debbie joined our team and began working in the dental field in 2018. She enjoys helping others and building trust with our patients. She is passionate about learning new things, as there is never an end to new technology, techniques, and knowledge!

Debbie’s interests are outdoor activities, music, photography, and traveling. She also wants to continue her education in the dental field.

Deborah portrait


Orthodontic Assistant

Ileana started working in the orthodontic field in 2011 and joined our team in 2018. Her favorite part of working with the JT Ortho family is working on patients, and she loves knowing that they leave the office with a smile!

Ileana is married and enjoys spending time with her family, including a son and two schnauzers. She also likes watching scary movies, working out, and reading.


Lab Technician, Orthodontic Assistant, Radiology Technician

Liz has worked in the field since 2008. and joined us in 2017. She helps Dr. Teng to create beautiful smiles by customizing orthodontic appliances, taking x-rays, and assisting in orthodontic procedures. She loves our friendly and inviting work environment and is eager to learn the newest orthodontic techniques.

Liz is native to El Paso and loves our Sun City sunsets. She also enjoys biking, gardening, baking, and photography.

Lizette portrait


Orthodontic Assistant

Miriam joined our team in 2018 and has been building experience in the field since 2011. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with patients and helping them have great smiles, especially when she gets to see their reactions to the results! She loves the opportunity to learn new things.

Miriam’s hobbies include spending time with her family, baking, traveling, and seeing new places.

Miriam portrait


Treatment Coordinator

In the field since 2009 and joining the team in 2018, Kelli welcomes new patients to our office and introduces them to the world of orthodontic care, helping to create the inviting and fun atmosphere of our office. She informs our patients about our doctors and the treatments they recommend to get patients to a perfect, healthy smile! She likes meeting new people on a daily basis and helping patients to understand their treatment needs.

Away from the office, Kelli has been married to her best friend Rudy for 14 years and has a little girl named Sophia, who she enjoys spending time with. She also enjoys baking with her daughter and taking little family road trips.


Orthodontic Assistant

Nikki joined the team in 2007 after starting in the field in 1999. She loves making a positive difference in people’s lives by helping to create an awesome smile. Spending her days providing patient care, Nikki takes digital X-rays, provides chairside assistance to Dr. Teng, and sees to it that each patient has a great visit, every time. With her warm manner and welcoming smile, she can make everyone smile, laugh, and feel right at home.

Nikki and her wonderful husband have a brilliant and handsome son. When she’s not working, you’ll find her spending time with both of them.

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