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Myths About Orthodontics

Your first thought when someone mentions “I need to see an orthodontist in El Paso”, you might envision the clunky, expensive braces you’ve seen in movies. How much of that is the truth?

Treatment is too expensive

Whether through insurance or payment plans, your orthodontist is here to help you get the treatment you need at a price you can afford. Talk to your orthodontist’s financial office for more information on what options are available to you.

Treatment is just cosmetic

If your teeth are incorrectly aligned, keeping them clean can be difficult, increasing your risk for plaque buildup and cavities. An incorrectly aligned bite can increase wear and tear on your teeth, increasing your risk for damage.

Treatment is just for kids

People of all ages can get orthodontic treatment! The number of adult orthodontic patients is growing every year, especially because…

Treatment is only metal braces

… Treatment is available in many different forms, like tooth-colored braces or invisible aligners. Even the clunky braces you might remember from your younger years have been improved, making them smaller and faster than ever before.

Treatment takes forever!

While treatment time increases with case complexity and might be affected by which method of treatment you decide on, your orthodontist is dedicated to making treatment as short as possible.

Treatment doesn’t require office visits

After you begin treatment, you need to keep your office visits. Your tooth movement needs to be monitored in case adjustments are needed and to ensure movement is staying on course.

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