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(915) 581-5476
5551 N. Mesa, Ste. A, 79912

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3030 Trawood Drive, 79936

  • West Side: (915) 581-5476
  • 5551 N. Mesa, Ste. A, 79912
  • East Side: (915) 855-6616
  • 3030 Trawood Drive, 79936
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Dr. Jesse Teng
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Interested in orthodontic treatment? We’re more than ready to treat and guide you through every step of the process.

Financial Information

One of the most common barriers people face to orthodontic treatment is the high cost, but you likely won’t have to pay the full cost out-of-pocket. Read on for more information.


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We get it—going to a new office can be scary. We doubt you’ll be able to get lost in our office, but check out this virtual tour to stay ahead of the curve.

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Want to see real results? Look at real patients whose smiles we’ve really fixed!

Crossbite and crowding case before and after