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The holiday season is upon us! Children of all ages are looking forward to sweet treats, toys, and travel. Keep on reading for tips on keeping your orthodontic treatment on track during the celebrations of the season.


Don’t let sugar be the Grinch by giving you the unwanted gift of cavities! Make your toothbrush your BFF. If you have an appliance, such as an expander, it might be a little extra work to keep things clean, but totally worth it. It’s also important to brush before putting your Invisalign clear aligners or clear retainers back on your teeth so as not to trap those sugars underneath them. It is important to stay away from hard or sticky treats to prevent broken brackets and appliances. This way you will avoid discomfort, delays in orthodontic treatment and having to schedule additional appointments.


Are you taking to the road (or skies) this season? Make sure to let us know early on if your appointment will conflict with your travel plans so that we can reschedule you within a reasonable time. Also, don’t forget to ask for enough elastics and to pack them along with your other oral care items. Keeping everything together in a zip pouch and in the same place will make it easier for you to reach for these items and keep your treatment on track and a sparkle in your smile.


Despite excellent planning and care, emergencies can potentially arise. Broken brackets and loose appliances can be a bother but rarely pose a serious problem. Visit our Emergency Care page to view easy troubleshooting tips. If you lose your Invisalign aligners, try your next set. If they are not an easy fit, then you can return to the previous set then contact us for further instructions. Wearing something is better than not wearing anything at all. If you are in retainers, it is very likely your bite has settled. However, it is still important to call or text our office if you have lost your retainers so that you can obtain a new set and protect your smile investment.

We wish all of our patients happy smiles and many wonderful memories during this busy time of the year!

5-Star Reviews

Patients Love Us!

Great staff and even better doctor. Recommend it to anybody that wants good work done on their teeth wether it be aligners or braces.

Aldo Escudero

Great staff! Amazing Orthodontist!We’ve been through four rounds of braces at other places and this place is much better! Great prices and probably the best ortho in town. He has 2 locations and we absolutely love the west side location

Deana Estrada

We absolutely love Dr. Teng and both his offices Teams. They have been great and made this journey exciting and easy. Thank you all very much for putting your hearts in your work. My son I are very happy with the results 😁

Esmeralda Villarreal

wonderful experience all around. Dr. Teng has great team full of ambitious people. the place was organized and clean glad i chose this place.

Julian Meneses

Dr. Jesse Teng has a wonderful office filled with skilled and caring practitioners. His technology is off the charts, wands that scan and rotating xray machines. He strives for excellence in everything he does. Assistant Eliana Gonzalez gave outstanding service.

Laurie Marshall

I'm extremely greatful for Dr. Teng and his team. Their kindness and professionalism throughout my treatment has been incredible, and I am greatful for their support during the process of perfecting my smile. Thank you so much!

S Bond

All the staff are very friendly and helpful I’d definitely recommend this establishment to anyone looking to get braces.

Alfred Hernandez

Came in today with Lulu and she was great!!! She definitely made the appointment go go smooth and quick! She is the best at adding new hooks! It is uncomfortable having your mouth open for so long while laying upside down so I appreciate her so much!!!


Had an amazing environment and wonderful staff.. never disappointed when I come snd greeted with nothing but good energy.

Victoria Ayala

Lulu work in my braces. They made everything so easy. I received my braces the same day. They are very gentle for those that are apprehensive

Tanya Edwards

Wonderful experience. Lulu was thorough, very knowledgable, and super friendly. As always, Dr. Teng is great and has an awesome staff.

Raq Guz

Dr. Teng and his staff have always been super friendly and helpful to my family and I. Overall very happy with mine and my kids dental treatment with JT orthodontics! Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to get braces or aligners.

Jazmin Fig

Great service! My son has had no complaints about his braces, friendly staff and they provide excellent treatment!

ruben balboa

Dr. Teng and his staff made our kids’ first experience with braces a very positive one. Getting their braces on was easy and seamless and the staff helped our kids be at ease.

Mica Espinoza

I am absolutely pleased with my Invisalign progress with Dr. Teng and his team. I was told at another dentist that Invisalign was not an option for me so i started researching and asking for recommendations. Dr. Teng does a thorough and comprehensive consultation ensuring the success of investment. I highly recommend Dr. Teng for braces and Invisalign.

Heather Vizcaya

After seeing two orthodontics I decided to start my Invisalign journey with JT Orthodontist. I'm currently 7 months into the journey and can start to see the finish line. The staff has been amazing and always answers all my questions. It's a great place!

Ricardo Chaffino

Lulu helped me get back in track with treatment. She was very professional and structured when placing brackets.

Gilberto Morales

As a healthcare professional myself I appreciate the level of expertise and care that Dr. Teng and his staff provided during my Invisalign Treatment. I recommend Dr. Teng to anyone looking for orthodontic treatment. Today was my last day of treatment, Lulu assisted with my removal and it was a wonderful experience. Thank you team for everything, I love my smile and can’t thank you enough for your help in the process!

Hannah Livingston

I just completed my Invisalign treatment with Dr Teng and couldn't be happier. He addressed the issues I was having and my smile is beautiful. Highly recommend!

Chelsea Wolfley