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  • 5551 N. Mesa, Ste. A, 79912
  • East Side: (915) 855-6616
  • 3030 Trawood Drive, 79936
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Are Straight Teeth Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions?!

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Welcome 2015! Are straight teeth part of your New Year’s resolutions?! Our El Paso, Texas office is offering a special Invisalign promotion until the end of January! Invisalign is an amazing alternative to orthodontic treatment without brackets, bands and wires, it is completely aesthetic. We’re offering $300.00 off the treatment fee, but be sure to call the office for specific details.

Invisalign is a remarkable product that allows those individuals whose lifestyles do not coincide with traditional orthodontics. It gives professionals, men, women and those not wanting to wear braces a great alternative! Many teens currently benefit from this particular service but more and more we are seeing adults take advantage of this treatment.